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Life is fleeting and only art lasts. So don’t let today slip by without doing something about that.  Click Here to pledge and put your name to a project which will fight back against time. Become immortal, and sponsor the Mrs Gucci project. Explore this site more to find out about the background and the concept.

Level One: The Album

With your support we can record the cast album.

  • Many of the songs are already written, and just require studio time, orchestration, musicians and actors to spend a few weeks turning Mrs Gucci into a sumptuous album.

  • For those who pledge for a CD extra costs will cover manufacture, printing and distribution.

  • As an extra, we’ll also record key scenes of dialogue to make sense of the songs within each scenes* – though they should stand on their own merits too.

  • With your name attached to this great project , you become immortal too.

*As well as their theatrical background, Peter and Marcos have extensive experience of radio drama and film production

Level Two: The Showcase

But there’s nothing like the live drama of performance. With your support we will prepare Mrs Gucci for a showcase production.

  • A  pledge for tickets to the showcase will cover production, lights, costumes, and theatre hire.

  • De luxe pledges  include a VIP reception with the cast and writers, signed photos, CD and dedicated script.

  • A ‘Close to Angel’ pledge will include invitations to dress runs and readthroughs, plus all of the above.

Whatever you pledge, you are guaranteed access to the development site, regular emails and updates on the progress of the show.

What are you doing today? Pledge Now and be part of a great musical and dramatic adventure, turning a great idea into an even better reality. 

If you would like to donate more than £500 to the project, or would like to be an angel investor (for whom the rights waiver below can be negotiated!) please contact the production team at

Legals: This is a private site for research and development of the musical Mrs Gucci: copyright 2006-2013 Marcos D’Cruze and Peter Jukes. It is solely your choice to contribute to this project. You understand that making a Contribution to a Project does not give you any rights in or to that Project, including without limitation any ownership, control, or distribution rights, and that the Project Entity shall be free to solicit other funding for the Project, enter into contracts for the Project, allocate rights in or to the Project, and otherwise direct the Project in its sole discretion. Contact  Doris Productions Ltd  in regard to financing, pledges and refunds..

Come back to the blog here soon for all the latest news on “Mrs Gucci’.


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