Maurizio Gucci prevents his ex-wife’s attempted escape from prison from beyond the grave ( UK)

FRIENDS of the late Mauricio Gucci claim that the murdered fashion czar returned from the grave to prevent his ex-wife from getting out of prison. Patrizia Reggiani Gucci, who is serving a 26-year sentence for hiring a hitman to kill her ex-husband after he divorced her to marry another woman, had submitted a request to be released from Milan\’s San Vittore prison on the grounds of ill health, asking if she could serve the remaining years of her sentence under house arrest. However, her case was brought to a standstill after a mysterious illness, that has become known as \’Maurizio\’s curse\’, struck anyone who came into contact with the court papers. Court staff have revealed that those working with the papers have contracted irritating skin rashes on their faces and throats, as well as suffering waves of nausea. According to New York\’s, health experts have attributed the illness to microbes that infested the papers when they were stored in the Supreme Court building in Rome after the trial, but not everyone is convinced it\’s that simple. The appeal case is now in limbo after court employees refused to deal with the infected court documents. Maurizio Gucci was shot dead as he walked into his Milan office building in March 1995. Patrizia protested her innocence throughout her trial, but was finally given a 29-year sentence, which was later reduced to 26-years. (May 28 2002, AM)

via Maurizio Gucci prevents his ex-wife’s attempted escape from prison from beyond the grave ( UK).

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