Mrs Gucci – the Concert: Before and After the Show

It was a busy day: hectic get-in. Sound, light, tech checks and run through in one afternoon, before the one off performance. But the cast were stellar. They kept their passion and their cool, and delivered stunning performances.  Bravo all round

Scroll down to see both before and after the show snaps featuring performers Julie Atherton, Bart Edwardes, Sophie Louise Dann, Graham MacDuff – and then joined by musical director David Randall, and writers Marcos D’Cruze and Peter Jukes


Gucci-1011 Gucci-1010 Gucci-1009 Gucci-1008 Gucci-1007 Gucci-1006 Gucci-1005 Gucci-1004 Gucci-1003 Gucci-1002 Gucci-1001 Gucci-1018 Gucci-1017 Gucci-1016 Gucci-1015 Gucci-1014after4 after2 after1 after6 after5 after3

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