Julie Atherton singing 'I Blame Time' | By Marcos D'Cruze and Peter Jukes
Accompanied by David Randall | Arts Theatre October 13th 2013


 PATRIZIA: Truth is the daughter of time, so I shall take time….

Entirely based on court transcripts and verbatim reports, Mrs Gucci is the amazing true story of Patrizia Reggiani Martinelli, daughter of a truck driver, who marries Maurizio Gucci, the shy son of the famously bullying Milan Fashion clan. He rejects his father to marry her and is excluded from the company. For ten years they are happy and live a fairy tale life, becoming an iconic couple in Italy, akin to Elisabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, or Aristotle Onassis and Jacqui Kennedy.

PATRIZIA: I’d rather cry in a Rolls-Royce than be happy on a bicycle.

Then, thanks to the death of his father and the machinations of his cousin Paolo Gucci, Maurizio is dragged back into the Gucci company and its lethal boardroom politics. Meanwhile, superstitious and fearful, Patrizia comes under the influence of a self-styled sicilian ‘neuromancer’ and ‘psychic advisor’, Pina Auriemma. Soon the marriage flounders, and after ten years separation, Patrizia and Maurizio are divorced. But Patrizia can’t let go of her anger or her love, and – recovering from an operation for a severe brain tumour – she asks for Maurizio to be killed

PATRIZIA: It was worth every lira to see him dead…. But he wasn’t worth one lira more.

In short, though set in jet set world of the 70s to 90s, Mrs Gucci unpicks the legend of the woman now called ‘The Black Widow of Milan’ and finds in it a modern female version of Othello, a woman driven from passion to madness, and madness to murder, and to kill the one she loves.

 PATRIZIA: Maurizio was my husband. I was, am and will always be in love with him…Unfortunately, he was not the man I wanted him to be.

Julie Atherton is Mrs Gucci – Patrizia Reggiani Martinell: lyrics to My Place here

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4 responses to “Concept

  1. I just watched a presentation of “The Green Room A College Musical,” also a member of the Chicago Muse Musical Group. If I had to chose a show to see this weekend, hands down your show wins. Excellent presentation, compelling story and it’s got that “It Factor” of glamour and high fashion as a backdrop. Break a leg! Assuming you’ve put in the editing work and tested with many readings, you may have a hit.

    • Marshall – thanks for your kind words. The concert went well, and we’re in good shape to head to the next phase. A workshop and full presentation of the musical in the next few months. Meanwhile, we’ll be sure to add some video and audio of the concert to this site in the next: so keep your eyes peeled. Be great to have more feedback from you

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